Here are some of my online projects:

  • Picture Gallery - Some albums are publicly viewable, but to get the full experience, you need to login. Ask me for access.

  • Tuxedo Bands - The website for my students. Hosted on but maintained by me.

  • Crane School of Music Faculty - This production was my Master's Degree Final Project. In the foyer of the Snell Theatre there was a display of all the faculty, past and present. During the semester as I finished the project, the display was taken down. This is the only record of the pictures that were once there. The pictures are scans of the original positives/negatives and they were restored as best as my resources permitted. I researched as many of the faculty assignments as I could. If you have any info on anyone here please send it along to me. (You'll need the Macromedia Shockwave Player)

  • OCMEA Wind Ensemble / Greater NY Wind Symphony Recordings - I record all of our concerts and make the recordings available here.

  • Sloatsburg Weather Station
    - Data is also available at Weather Underground, WeatherLink and CWOP/APRS/FindU

  • Webmail (for users with email on

  • Zagyg - If you know me well enough, this should make some sense to you.

If you arrived here with hopes to find what you were looking for, I would recommend you check the capitalization. I started my net exploration on UNIX boxes, thus my servers are setup to be case-sensitive. So believe it or not "S" and "s" are two different things entirely.