MP20 - Two-Channel Mic Preamplifier w/ Stereo Bus

The MP20 was designed to enhance the performance of any console or digital audio workstation by providing two very high-end microphone preamplifiers. The MP20 affords you an amazing choice for the front-end of any analog to digital converter. The MP20 was created utilizing the very best in design parameters and components with a friendly user interface.

Retail Price: 699.95


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• Class-A Discrete, Dual Servo Microphone Preamplifier
• 20dB Pad
• 48V Phantom
• 80Hz Roll-Off Filter
• Polarity Reverse
• IDSS Control - Creates Vintage Warmth by Adjusting Even Harmonic Distortion.
• 12 Segment Level Meter
• High Output Headphone Amplifier
• Identical Technical Specifications as the M80
• Low Impedance Stereo Mix Bus can be used for Full Control Over Stereo Imaging
• Fully Loaded Back Panel Featuring XLR Balanced I/O Connectors as well as Separate Send and Return Jacks for Inserting Dynamics Processors (such as the ACP22)
• 1/4", High Z Input on the Front Panel for Instrument Preamplification
• Mix Output Connectors are XLR Balanced Providing Connectivity for Professional Recording Systems

Technical Specifications

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Number of Channels


Dynamic Range


Noise Floor @ Bus


Noise Floor @ Main Output


Noise Floor @ Channel Output

+24dB gain, -88.2dBu



Frequency Response

+/- 0.5dB, 10Hz – 60kHz


<82dBu @ 10kHz

Channel Gain

+12dB to +40dB

THD + Noise


THD + Noise Max IDSS


Input Impedance

1.3k Ohms

Output Impedance

51 Ohms

Master Output Control (Bus)

-72dB to +10dB


Full Scale

Send Output Impedance

51 Ohms

Return Impedance

10k Ohms

Internal Operation Level

0dBu = 0dBu

Input Connectors

XLR and 1/4" TS

Output Connectors


Send Connectors

1/4" TRS

Return Connectors

1/4" TRS

Power Supply

Internal, Toroidial, Linear Supply

Power Requirements

100VAC to 120VAC or 200VAC to 240VAC

Main Connection

IEC Receptacle


1U Rack, 19" x 1.75" x 7"


6 lbs.



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Front Panel

Back Panel


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MP20 Manual (PDF)

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