Occult Studies


	Zagyg, the Mad Arch-Mage and punster, is the sole known servant of Boccob, for
the latter recognizes no others except on special occasions. Zagyg is mad only in
that none but his master seem to be able to fathom his reasoning and sense of humor;
few, if any, hold him as their deity.
        Zagyg will appear in nearly any guise when upon the Prime Material Plane. His
actual appearance is said to be unremarkable in a wizardly sort of way. Likewise, his
garb is varied to suit the situation, usually dark blue and silver in color.
        Being able to employ weapons and devices common to both fighters and
magic-users, Zagyg is likely to appear with a vorpal blade in one hand and a wand of
wonder in the other.  (Note: Harmful effects of items employed by this being tend to
affect not him but his opponents instead. Thus, if Zagyg put on a ring of weakness,
all others within a 1"  radius might be affected instead.) He has been known to strike
with a padded club, or cast a haste spell upon an opponent, however. Somehow, despite
his seeming madness, Zagyg survives, carries out his assignments, and moves on.
        Zagyg can likewise travel all planes and is the bane of many. He serves Boccob
most carefully, but apparently because of his own will and a desire to retain
enlightened neutrality and uncertain humor everywhere.
        He otherwise has the attributes and abilities of demi-god. He can be hit only
by +2 or better weapons.